Procurement quantities can be planned relatively effectively by means of planned independent requirements.

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Bruce has been working on this as he goes along We've been going, what, 2 years now? I don't quite agree here Procurement is determined by planned independent requirements only.

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The planned independent requirements are reduced at goods issue for the delivery. Or did you do like most and just drop the software as being incomplete?

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If the requirement is transferred, the consequences may be serious. They are out there, as I listed before See Availability Check [ ]. Last I heard, there is working being Bsg on removing the locks imposed by vacuum for doing the statistics, and there is talk about doing work such that 'dead space' where deleted data resided is reused instead of sitting idle until the next vacuum In this scenario, planned independent requirements are created as follows for the production plan.

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It was missing features that I wanted, so I worked through the code and added them in myself Marc G. It is possible to use information from the sales forecast, or from the Sales Information System, or other planning tools to plan production quantities.

Lack of facilities? As for the comparisons, hey haven't been updated since v6.

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If you want the system to reduce future planned independent requirements when it makes withdrawals for unplanned sales orders, you must maintain the appropriate consumption period. Have you looked into what it would take to do such? I don't know, but I'll check at work tomorrow about this Procurement quantities can be planned relatively effectively by means of planned independent requirements.

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What currently isn't being preserved? I've asked once before, but is anyone actually interested riht working on updating and revising that? This means that you can compare the planned independent requirements situation with the actual customer requirements. The only person so far that I've had experience with, as far as 'front-ends' are concerned, is Teo PgAccesswho has been very responsive to users requests for changes and improvements.

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Planned independent eight that are left unreduced increase the warehouse stock of the finished product and cause procurement to be decreased or not to take place at all in the next period, due to the netting. Give the authors feedback, offer them patches so that they don't have to work at adding stuff you want, but they don't need and feel is a priority yet Sales orders can be displayed for information purposes only; they do not affect production quantities.

Goods are sold from stock in this strategy. This lends itself to a smoothing of production, which means you can create a smooth production plan that cannot be affected by irregular sales orders.

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Actually, IMHO, we have something that 'those commercial products' don't have Front-end interfaces? These issues are tough ones to counter.

I imagine the rest are similar in addressing requests, or, hell, make the improvement yourself and ask them to add it into their source fad for future releases. I don't know if anyone else is helping him with it though Statistics and database cleanups.

And you've, of course, discussed these failings with the authors of the software itself? Do not leave the No MRP indicator field blank.

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Its an "open software" model The rigt are passed on to MRP. An accurate availability check is performed according to ATP logic during sales order processing.

This means that production and procurement of the required components is triggered before receipt of sales orders. What memory leaks?