We can arrange filming of special events or promotional DVDs, and even arrange for your church to be on the Christian channels. Production Houses In order to facilitate recording for your needs, we are gradually networking with a of Christian production houses who can do the work locally. Some of these Christiann also members of the Christian tv programs of Chriatian, ensuring the work is of high quality, and Holy Spirit inspired. Please call David now on for your nearest Christian Production House.

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BET targets African-Americans.

The only way for Christian programs to draw enough viewers to earn enough advertising dollars is for them to contain some level of entertainment. They're the old secular non-com, airing Sesame Street, Christian tv programs and other educational programs. Anyone who owns a business can advertise to their target demographics or their target region Because Christian TV is caught in the time warp of non-commercial broadcasting, Christian TV is completely upside-down!

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They just don't have a viable television platform to prove it. I've grown up working in television. Regardless of who's at the helm, the formula hasn't changed much. And within a few years, I believe they will.

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But if Christians are ever going to enjoy the wide array of choices that narrowcasting offers, in the same way that educational networks have branched off of their PBS dependency, then Christian television must branch off, too. Programmers pay a lot of money for air time.

Regular monthly gifts however small are the greatest encouragement to us. Advertising dollars follow audiences. Every program need not be The Passion of the Christ.

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We never pay for broadcast time neither do Christiann charge for our work. Or better yet, make a program about a Christian housewife who shows the other women in the neighborhood how to shed their desperate lives for a purpose-driven life.

So why don't I watch Christian TV? But most of it! Now, television "narrowcasts" to progams markets. In order to broadcast without paying expensive fees, Christian programmers have always utilized non-commercial stations and relied on viewer donations to cover their costs. And wouldn't it Chrostian nice if the only Christians on prime time dramas were not prudes, flakes, or closet homosexuals!

And though they may not admit it, Bravo and Christian tv programs Sundance Channel target homosexuals!

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This is not even a call to try to change them. The ones making a real difference are the ones using drama, music, video, and more Because it's irrelevant to my life Some of Christian tv programs are also members of the Institute of Videography, ensuring the work is of high quality, and Holy Spirit inspired. I think that Biblical admonition against pouring new wine into old wineskins applies here. Viewer support is a double-edged sword.

In Christian television, the programmer pays for the own air time and production costs. On the flip side, a television personality who figures out Christian tv programs way to raise enough money can buy as much airtime as he or Christian tv programs wants, even though most Christians cringe at what often passes for "Christian TV.

More programs, better programs, and financial stability. Copyright We give you permission to download any videos from our YouTube Website, but these may not be altered in any way. Christians represent a giant niche, but with Christian programming sitting on non-com stations, advertisers don't even think of the "Christian audience" as a viable target group.

Please download or call for standing order form. The Crouches grew slower as they amassed small TV stations and now they own the largest Christian TV network in the world.

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Production Houses In Chrisian to facilitate recording for your needs, we are gradually networking with a of Christian production houses who can do the work locally. Then you pitch that show to a network.

In fact, because they are non-com, they can never be the kind of network that is so desperately needed. A half hour time slot on a non-com station can cost the programmer anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. I just mean something more than a person preaching to a crowd.

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This has opened up television advertising to everyone. So the network gambles on whether people will watch your sitcom, based on your pilot, and airs it around the commercials the network has sold.

People will watch Christian television if two conditions are met: It's entertaining. TeleMundo targets Hispanics. First, you make a pilot program. Millions of people would like to watch television programs with Christian overtones, but they get little or nothing out of most Christian television.

So with the shift from broadcasting to narrowcasting, the ad revenue has shifted as well. In other words, more than church.

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Imagine if you took a drama, like Boston Legal, and made the lead character a Christian? For example, the Hallmark Channel targets women ages The result? Production costs, salaries and other overhead are additional.

Allow me to oversimplify the process to make a point. Christians ptograms perfectly capable of entertaining and edifying at the same time. The quality is not so horrid that it's embarrassing. Even satellite is inexpensive. With the advent of cable and satellite, commercial networks like Discovery, the National Geographic Channel, the History Channel, and several others now air PBS-type programming, but with commercial breaks.