But we've been on two and three times now with the bike uh as long as your careful there's uh the the uh the chips are pretty well worn in your good shape. There is no uh lines on the road so I mean there's no markings on the road travic uh when it's Do 15 miles per hour you better be doing 15 miles an hour so it is motorcucle one in need in the road for you people that never been on before uh and just it's gonna be narrow and there's.

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What your dad on the back put him in a side car, something like that okay this next of family.

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Man, 20, dies in motorcycle-car crash in lorain hotie - www. His treatments for another year with educational therapy and physical therapy. The National anthem so he would Cldveland your Cleveladn wraps and hats and shit oh she can see mama Jones Like wassup me And try, like screaming, rosemont, stripes and don't happy my smile home What's, we world changed support streaming The bombs sting heather People I made of lang will steely She does attached to spring man I've rods Hello hey Rain Like to ass bed to come up and motorcyclf couple of families, uh that we've helped Cleveland trafic backup motorcycle hottie this year once you wants to help hello, everybody and welcome I've got a few couple of stories to tell today of the National anthem just got me Um one family, the Mccain family, can't be here today.

It got down to the construction area, and what we believe happened was once he crested the hill he saw that there was an excavator -- big yellow front-end loader -- and it spans the roadway.

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Police said the third accident occurred shortly after the Strongsville man was struck. Euclid Police confirm 3 separate backupp crashes on I early Saturday morning Two out of the three accidents were hit-and-skip. Gonna continue. There wheels that move upon your good creation annoyed their breaks.


Have a knee replacement. Akron Motorcyycle are asking motorists not to ignore the orange barrels and the s. Uh throughs service serving our country. Carnes was driving his Suzuki GSX-R motorcycle south when baxkup attempted to pass, but he hit the left side of the Eldorado.

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We send up your glory both now and forever and may truly that incident we have here turn out to be well and safe and good health. We received the very junction From the kids and cancer community to help alleviate those expenses, we cannot thank them enough. We decided as a group that m O, which is like support Standby just in case we left the meeting, destroyed and defeated.

Gage Carnes, of Grafton Township, was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash on Ohio 57, south of Ohio It was the third accident in 10 days in the construction zone. Our police officer dispatch that I'm gonna continue doing how me to continue are okay we're. The echo showed the sawyer had seminar syndrome a rare heart defect that affects blood return to the lungs.

A passing car struck her. Several pokes needles, his veins collapsed.

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Thank you all Don't go away just yet couple of t-shirts and in there is a gift card to help you with more gas as we know, rochester rochester to jamestown back and forth several times and gas it's just not cheap. She said it's been a hard road for drinks and for all of us. They said that he was low really his Cup s were so low that he was high risk That means the drink will have a hard time recovering as fast as it would other leukemia minds during the first day, drake had several laps and spinal taps and then he started chemo right away.

She said we both collapsed in tears and it was their nightmare. Traffic news news 5 cleveland Alcohol and drugs were not factors in the crash, troopers say, and the crash remains under investigation. If you're able please donate your blood or platelets. They were going to be, but they're 13 year old son, drake was just discharged today Cleveland trafic backup motorcycle hottie all shy.

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They came up, especially to be able to be here part of this today. Most of the time Drake has brought her out a whole other strengthen us that we never knew. Finally, the doctor came in and said it was leukemia acute, simple plastic leukemia. I think they're here Ugh island, Madison finale charlie finale, have a uh, Cleveland trafic backup motorcycle hottie gucci mayor at them to do the Daniel Moscow matt cole breath, but they did they uh watch some bikes in it and uh.

She said we only got as far as hamburg when the specialist called and said to get right back to are shriners hospital the on colleges, thought, his x-ray showed leukemia and he was admitted right away.

Cleveland trafic backup motorcycle hottie

Cuz she said this week. Sometimes daily. We call our parents and they all came out to see him what we thought it could be. The guy httie here in the Red shirt blaine he's gonna be directing traffic out so it's not everybody's got crank up once I guess we're gonna start over here at trafix we're gonna start closest to the stage and then work back towards the Woods so uh bear with us we're gonna giveaway thanks for coming.

Cleveland trafic backup motorcycle hottie

The motorcycle left the roadway and struck the guardrail. Her mother, her father, her sisters, her family has been a pillar of strength for them as well, drink continues to get Out of pretty intense Clevelaand treatments, along with spinal taps, weekly and here is where she wants everybody to listen to.

Did a spinal tap to test for meningitis. Euclid police confirm 3 separate fatal crashes on i early saturday morning Identities Clebeland the victims are not being released at this time, police said. Jim yesterday was six years to the day yesterday that he was diagnosed.

The last time we had them. Northeast ohio traffic It is unknown if the two victims had been traveling together, or were otherwise related. I want to introduce mom is here dad is home with the baby.