A vigil for Kelsey Berreth in Krystal Lee, Find Kesley ly went by the last name Kenney, testified Wednesday during day four of the trial that Frazee told Fin what Berreth's last words were as the two discussed her murder. Lee, a nurse from Idaho, was charged with tampering with evidence in connection to Berreth's Nov. She pleaded guilty in February and agreed to testify against her former boyfriend as part of a plea deal.

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Later that day, Lee met up with Frazee who allegedly opened up about how he killed Berreth. Finr autopsy also showed that she was sexually assaulted.

The police found the car a half-hour later at a convenience Find Kesley after having pinged the baby's mother's cell phone, which was still in a purse on the front seat. He waited until Smith was most vulnerable, when she was getting ready to leave, before he struck.

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Frazee, 33, was arrested in December and charged with two counts of murder and three counts of solicitation to commit murder. The surveillance footage Find Kesley Smith parking her car, entering the store, calling her mother and selecting the items that were later found in the car. Hall, who had been adopted at age seven, had been returned to state custody at age 15 after threatening the family's daughter with a knife. In at least one instance, the law was acted upon.

When the video still of the man was released to the Find Kesley, it generated hundreds of tips, but the le were too general to be useful.

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He has pleaded not guilty. Sumiko Moots. At the time, cell-phone service providers would generally comply upon the request of the subscriber, but not of anyone else, including that of law enforcement authorities, unless a court order was issued, which Find Kesley time. In Finddin LenexaKansas, not far from where Smith had grown up, a man stole a car, unaware of a five-month-old infant inside.

Lee testified that she took that to mean that Frazee wanted to kill Berreth. As a result, they found unidentified prints on the seat belt. Berreth, a year-old mother to a little girl, was last seen with her child and Frazee outside her home Nov.

The charges made Hall eligible for the death penaltywhich Johnson County district Keeley Phill Kline decided to seek. She wasn't reported missing until Dec.

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While in flight, he also ran down a pedestrian in a hit-and-run. Abduction and investigation[ edit ] Surveillance video from Target showed Smith purchasing a present for her boyfriend to celebrate six months together.

What she could not clean — including Find Kesley Fins animals and couch pillows — she tossed into a garbage bag. The two didn't reconnect until October Police, other authorities and the national media launched an extensive publicity campaign and search for Smith.

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The hearing was carried live on all four of Kansas City's television network affiliates. Remembering Kelsey Berreth March 8, Lee testified that she left little spots of blood around the Find Kesley on purpose, hoping that investigators would see it. Hall was charged on June 7 with premeditated first-degree murder and aggravated kidnapping.

Despite frequently looking at Smith or in her direction, the man made no effort to talk to her or to approach her in the store but left just as she went to the cashier, who did Find Kesley see or notice anything unusual in the store nor in Smith's behavior.

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During the trial, Lee recalled how she fell for Frazee in when they first met and found out she was pregnant with his child while married to another man. It Find Kesley believed that Hall spotted Smith driving into the Target parking lot after he had arrived. I didn't think he was capable of what happened. Police do not believe that Hall knew Smith.

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He noticed that she was alone and thus began following her in store to assure himself that she was not meeting anyone. The outside footage showed a suspicious s-era Chevrolet truck leaving the lot, which was also found to have entered the lot just before Smith had. When he saw her Find Kesley to leave, he went to his truck and retrieved his gun.

Lee, a nurse from Idaho, was charged with tampering with evidence in connection to Berreth's Nov. She is expected back on the Find Kesley Thursday. Lee said she began cleaning the home because she did not want Berreth's mom and daughter to know what happened. It also revealed that a male, who was white and in his early twenties, wearing a white Finr and dark shorts, had entered the store approximately thirty seconds after Smith had entered.

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She told the courtroom that she also found blood on the windowsill, on appliances in the kitchen and on stuffed animals. I left little spots so that somebody would see Find Kesley and it would raise suspicion about what had happened," she said. He then struck Berreth in the head with a baseball Flnd.

She pleaded guilty in February and agreed to testify against her former boyfriend as part of a plea deal. At the time of his arrest, Hall was married and the Find Kesley of a four-year-old son. Hall is incarcerated in the Hutchinson, Kansas correctional facility.

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Search[ edit ] Detectives reportedly found the body because of a cell phone ping that originated from the area on June 2, [4] and a of search areas were identified. Hall admitted to being at Target but claimed that he had never approached Smith. Lee testified that he soon began telling her that the mother of his child, Berreth, was harming their daughter and he wanted to "take care of" Berreth.

However, he was caught in a lie Find Kesley his fingerprints Find Kesley those from the seat belt. She told the courtroom that Frazee asked for her three times to kill Berreth, and during one incident suggested Lee poison Berreth's coffee. Her body has not been found. On July 23, as part of a plea agreement, Hall pleaded guilty to all four charges.

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She then left the store before she disappeared. In KwsleyFrazee Find Kesley Lee that he was in a relationship and had. It is believed that once he realized there was a baby inside, he decided to ditch the car, as in addition to car theft and hit-and-run, he would face kidnapping charges. She told the courtroom that she filled six garbage bags with items from the home.

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