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Anything with shadows edges here I don't think we're gonna be home No, we don't really do any local hearts Brianna Don't play with me if it was you or a spider I would throw the spider at you in Red Yes, we see terrify. What is up Keep black what's up my favorite vampires we're giving away two Greensboo so share your groups.

I'm like he Didn't answer my fucking with me My sister's phone accidentally connected to my my score and literally, dollars have as Lucifer is slowly Hi Peggy Hi, Shanewe're giving away two prizes so share to your groups and my friends bring em on Geeensboro share it again and again and again and again One of my very thing I am drapery and local P.

Maybe we'll get way couple of patches we're gonna.

Hello I'm Fufkery How are you brother? Michigan is probably happening this year but we cannot tell you yes for math. Been a widower for 12 months and would love to share my time. Christine Debbie is probably where we might have a job for you for that show Debbie. I think streaming all streaming platforms like Voodoo will have it Walmart gonna.


It's pan patches necklaces suckers. Hello China And this is all for charity Yes thank you.

Cody Yes, general marbles stuff he's my spirit animal, too, because It's like she looks at him and he's like he cries when he wants attention, and she passed many cries harder That's me cuz he's anxiety Nervous yeah, it's nervous he just wants He wants love, but he doesn't want love all at the same time That which is me, I'm like I need Love, and then he has me, and I'm like I, Don't Need Love anymore I also still need live, though Touch me from over there I don't watch it I really watch Maybe Oh yeah, you're gonna die Kayla Frank Good Morning Yeah, you're pretty much fun You Don't plan on driving afterwards Love your contest.

I like to try a lot th.

Mandurah classifieds personal

Hello David Brian. Yes, we have what about scream again Where is that that sounds dope Send it to me a message. Yes, you can absolutely send us a message also to your Pinch the scream It's, not zoomed in into your phone leave and come back I don't know, but they do trust me noticing.

Greensboro North Carolina hosting late night fuckery

Be there too We can't. Local businesses can post classified to buy and sell businesses and also can advertise their classifieds for business services in whole of Mandurah Western Australia and locally.

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Corey Stone. So you better hurry up. You might like to say you know what they have now What candy math grace for Breaking Bad I was like I was like, and they bitch about candy cigarettes being about influence You're letting kids eat crystal meth candy like rock candy and length No Megan we perform in in town quite a bit. The official thing is it is happening We are fuckerj and the minute that we can release all the details we will do it And yall every fucking, one of you in go to abstract Thank you, Matt Point and Sherry and put up Yeah, Casey public like this.

Our logo there's, some blood splatter but Cuckery gonna be a full working electric guitar You wanna come to the show, buy raffle tickets so that's our Grand prize Fuckerry are hoping to get a second guitar from a different company Greensboro North Carolina hosting late night fuckery the 12 hour live stream. Always a terror It's gonna. Where are you going Hi? Yes please thank Oh, I like to listen to murder podcast too True crime Yes, my hair is a new color Make sure everyone thought they went color blind they're like so I like I like it I thought it would hostihg You just have to share to your groups to enter.

The best pub & restaurant in greensboro

Be on when we come back, though who's gonna, be I know I am The next band we have on so actually there's. So it's a mystery prizes. So I got an actual like sit down like I actually think It's gonna be three weeks Every time we come back from Utah, we gonna be able to Notth Monday cuz.

Greensboro North Carolina hosting late night fuckery

So you guys are gonna get two bands on Friday Fuckery show which is kinda cool So laate first 11 okay you pick somebody I'm Gonna go with the tanka talking you as You're, the winner win a a scoops, the Fukery pop, so they get a we're gonna. So keep sharing your groups Invite your friends let's hit that I said a few tip like this one I did thank you very much for my private view Chelsea thank you for bringing that up prizes take six to 12 weeks Two shit Why because we're only two people and Don't worry I'm Not this isn't directed at you in specific but a lot of people keep saying, Where is my friends?

So if you have a question Czrolina what we do and for coming Are you merch supporter? You noticing me noticing you Larry No, I don't, like music on Twitch, scoops it. Greensboro North Carolina hosting late night fuckery smoker, social drinker, Greensboro North Carolina hosting late night fuckery.

Greensboro North Carolina hosting late night fuckery

Have it? So we're gonna. So share your grips.

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Let him It will not gonna take no for an answer I I can feel bad for him the next day cuz you know he went to work Look at this took a big one pick a finger We did not, we did not figure gonna get that working Oh God oh crazy C you, Can't buy this one It's, one of a kind made only for scoops God Abs full salon with his name, Pretty I Don't, know what his name was done He was drunking shit It is dry. We'll be do a lot of stuff here and we have our charity event fuckerg in January. nigjt

Greensboro North Carolina hosting late night fuckery

Invite your friends at we're gonna giveaway two more prizes I know. I'm Michelle Lane? Thank you, Logan Whoever come to California We like to really tomorrow at six AM We leave tomorrow morning, so we have different colored eyes.

Greensboro North Carolina hosting late night fuckery

So Greensboro North Carolina hosting late night fuckery your friend, you better really, really boy He was any organ dates No we got Illinois Utah, West Virginia, Virginia we actually have I'll just tell you a little bit we do have a two week tour that were going on with a band fresh wine. It is Even though It's an Indy film it does have a back story And it does have a story line and it ties it back cuz.

When we come back because we are literally full until the end of the year we are now adding two bans per Friday factory instead of just one band. That's how you get into it so y'all wanna be seen and it pushes your comments to the front.

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We have passes to giveaway tonight Brand new Oh yeah, it is gonna. Walmart Yep Red Box wherever you can go buy it ram it buy it It's. We did not hit we're almost there.