Here are ten ways to go about embracing you. Moreover, judging yourself harshly for minor things — like eating too much, perhaps, or being wrong about something — is counterproductive.

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Have fun. Look up at the sky.

How to love yourself better

Care about how you look, so you can feel great when you better the house. Read that book you've been meaning to read. Take a lot of pictures. Look at the stars, as they're pretty incredible, too. Take vitamins because you want to be the healthiest version of yourself.

How to love yourself better

Tell them you love them. Be less judgmental.

How to love yourself: 8 self-love practices that will change your life for the better

I am a constant work in progress, as most of us are. Enjoy the life you have been given, and embrace each day with open arms as the best version of you. Hugh Sitton Exercise because it is hetter for your soul and not solely for your outward experience. Spend more time with your girlfriends or guy friends. Do it drunk.

Keep your word to yourself

While taking care of others is important, giving yourself the time of day is equally so. Along my path to learn about myself and work on my own self-love, I discovered several major truths that still resonate with me and support my personal effort. Spend time outside. Stop caring about what you look like. Reunite with old friends from high school, college and your past in general.

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Besides, your body fat percentage has no bearing on what makes you a quality human being. Care about your appearance -- not in a vain, superficial way. Take way too many and don't forget to print them. Exercising regularly releases yokrself and contributes to your level of happiness and will help you feel better about yourself.

It does nothing positive and only keeps us down.

I read somewhere that the more you sing, the happier and healthier it will make you. Weird Dance. Be here for a moment.

How to love yourself better

Watch the documentary "Food Inc. People achieve success and fail at different rates.

6 reasons to love yourself—and why loving yourself will change your life {episode 2}

If you trip over your feet or realize your shirt is on inside out, don't worry about it and make it a joke. Eat less processed food.

I am talented. Carrying around anger only poisons you. That experience is so much richer.

How to love yourself better

Give Yourself Energy We know what feeds positive energy into our veins and what drains us of it. Unless you want to be cranky and lethargic all day, make sure you get enough iron.

Before anybody else can love you, you have to love yourself.

Try the sunrise at the top of Mount Haleakala in Maui. You won't like everyone you meet. I am brave.

You're not as fat as you think. Remember when we used to have to call or meet up with people to hear their voices?

Grace over guilt

Positive Self-Talk We say the meanest things to ourselves, and what good does that do us? Laugh at yourself. Pick up a hobby.

Soak up the sun. Show up to family events and don't have something better to do. Be active. Resolve the issues you might have with your family.

How to love yourself better

You will literally feel like you are in heaven. You will never yourzelf able to please everyone. Freak Dance. Stop comparing yourself to others. My roommates and I ordered paint-by-s from Amazon.

How to love yourself

The more you smile, the happier you will feel. Call your friends and family more often; don't just follow them on social media.

How to love yourself better

Relationships may come and go, but friends are forever — cherish that. I am worth it.