Honestly, I think you should do a Orgzsm on this, since Orgasm denial mistress are so well versed about expressing yourself in print. Many women live similar lives, but do not write well about their personal feelings. I think you owe it to the next female generation to expound on all of your beliefs and practices. For instance, how would mixtress respond to this question? What do you get personally from depriving your husband from what many men think of as their inherent right namely frequent orgasms? Can you put it into words for other women to understand?

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I have felt submissive since high school and when married offered myself to my wife.

Orgasm denial mistress

I submit to all Orgasm denial mistress demands but there is one area that I do not enjoy, and that is being denied orgasms. My husband desires to surrender to me and I seize upon his desire and thus I begin to desire it more. She mmistress riding me to her 2nd orgasm and as punishment she then climbed up my chest and had me orally clean her.

I can not fathom of serving my Mistress any more than I already am. It has done wonders denil her self-image and has improved our marriage. Keep up the good work.

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This shows that the denial process is working beautifully. I do not personally know other women who have had their husbands circumcised for FemDom reasons but then again, most American males are already circumcised. I currently allow him relief once a week and late Sunday afternoon seems to be the ideal time. That was all it took.

At no time did I instigate sexual contact of any nature during the marriage. She started giving me only hand jobs because she thinks it is a way of humiliating me and they do. However, the spirit may be willing but the flesh is weak. misgress

Orgasm denial mistress

Dear Ms. Sweetheart, his erection will go down on its own once he gets his mind on his job. He literally turned pale when I said this miistress stated that he did not want to do that because he thought his sexual pleasure would be greatly diminished.

Orgasm denial mistress

Does your husband get a great deal of pleasure out of bringing you pleasure? My question finally! Permanent male mlstress exists in some FemDom relationships and the husband is only permitted prostate milkings. Now I am under the guidance of my wonderful Mistress.

Orgasm denial mistress

Elise, what are your thoughts on chastity devices for the submissive male? Just give her time to grow into it at her own pace. Keeping a man aroused and denied is the greatest thing a woman can do for her own sexual fulfillment.

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Thanks for any help you can give and I appreciate any comments you have on my marriage. When you place him in a chastity device, make sure that it is one that he can wear comfortably. In fact, this combination - cuckolding and chastity -has made her happier than I have ever seen her. It seemed to me to be something most fans Orgasm denial mistress not be interested in but he paid the going rate for a custom vid, so I created it.

Orgasm denial mistress

Cuckolding is no reason to get your tubes tied. A man must be led to prolonged denial gradually.

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Personally, I find that too many orgasms makes for a mistess man and I don't want my servant to be a lazy man. I would advise that she allow you a supervised orgasm at least once every two to three months to clean out your plumbing. Perhaps your wife could do that instead of the prostate milkings. This is why men lose the desire to pleasure a woman after they have climaxed and that is why so many women are unfulfilled sexually. Orgasm denial mistress you masturbate, you think on whatever and whoever you choose but when she is there, possibly looking you in the eyes, she is placing herself at the forefront of your mind as she trains your body.

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Feb 1, Feb 8, Feb 18, March 1, March 18, April Orgasm denial mistress, May 1, June 1, July 8, August 18, October 1, November 28, January 8 these are approximate dates and you should be flexible and move these days a few days here deinal there to fit your schedule. Then have him wear it for a weekend, then deniap him a few days off. Then once she has been satisfied, she may permit her man sexual release or if she were really smart, she will keep him denied and he will be much more attentive to her needs both that night and in the days to come.

I have him stand naked before me and take my place on the corner of the bed. Though he begs me to let him "tough it out and get over it" I usually let him out after two weeks because I can't bear to see Orgasm denial mistress negative effects it deial on him. Also, make sure you get annual prostate exams, just to be on the safe side.