Gambling was not the draw; we played penny ante.

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I just knew I had the winning hand but didn't have anything to bet. The people commented on my closely shaven Coochie.

I pulled on my clothes and dutifully stumbled back down the hallway, Lynne hiding herself behind as usual. She either wears a skin tight skirt that shows off her hard little ass, or she wears something that is very light weight so it swishes to and fro when she walks.

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Since she was behind each of us for a minute or more, we each had the opportunity to reach around and stroke her leg. When I would waken, I Poker sex stories think of them. The game began with six boys of the tender age of I had never seen her do this tsories and I wish I could of been watching under different circumstances. We all got in the sunken bathtub Ruth put some bubble bath in. Terry lost the next hand and had to give up his shorts. I have never seen her suck with such wild abandon.

I bet my wife in a poker game

She had had orgasms, but never this way. Her pussy lips were neat and straight, but clearly puffy and wet. As a final act of superiority, Jason told Sherri to stand directly in front of me.

Poker sex stories

Send Comments. Whenever she set the drinks down, her top fell open and we could see her oPker right down to her nipples. We played a few hands. Jason called my bet and even raised. The first time I asked her to leave her bra off, she couldn't believe it.

The poker game

srx I dressed for the outing. Go over and sit on his lap and give him a hot french kiss. All I could see was her snatch and clit of Ruth and the public hair of Bob.

Her pussy continued to throb, milking me dry. For God's sake I'm your husband.

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I guess it took someone that knows what a females needs are to satisfy a lonely but horny woman. She always wears 4" stiletto heels that makes her ass stick out just a little bit farther and puts a definite bounce in her walk as she caters to our needs.

Get all of his sticky seed out storiees my pussy. As she started to shake and hump involuntarily, I would suck the whole area around her clip and tease the end with my tongue.

‘poker’ stories

Steve and Chris came over and held my head still. So now he had two pairs. I loved to play zex and was rather good at it. She took her fingers and lubed her hind end with her own moistness as he pushed the head of his cock into her bung. I lost it and I squirted all over us.

Poker sex stories

She was nearly Poker sex stories, except a thin line of hair like an arrow pointing to my clitty. I ran my tongue first up one side, between her left lip and the shaft of her clit, up and back, then over the top and down the right side, avoiding the tip exposed by her erection. I saw Sherri get out of the car.

Poker sex stories

Real intercourse was rare. For the first time since her reappearance, we now had a full view of Lynn.

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That was starting things all over again. Her tits are only a C cup but on her tiny frame they look fabulous. I had never been so turned on as I was that night. She grabbed it quickly from the sheets where it had been abandoned earlier and rolled it down expertly. I would dream of them fucking.

It's like she was possessed. Terry and Eileen were nude and had no "assets. This continued for a while each of them getting more worked up. When I started standing, Steve and Chris stood up and grabbed me and threw me back down in the chair.