The harmonious development of the human person progressively reveals in each of us the image of of God. This document, drawn up with the help of educational experts and submitted to wide consultation, sets itself a precise objective: to examine the pedagogic aspect of sex education, indicating appropriate guidelines for the integral formation of a christian, according to the vocation of each. Also, though it does not make explicit citations at every turn, it always presupposes the doctrinal principles and moral norms pertaining to the matter as proposed by the Magisterium.

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Some catholic organisations in different parts - with the approval and encouragement of the local Episcopate - have begun to carry out a positive work of sex education; it is directed not only to help children and adolescents on the way to psychological and spiritual maturity, but also and above all to protect them from the dangers of ignorance and widespread degradation.

Therefore it is an integral part of the development of the personality and of its educative process: " It is, in fact, from sex that the human person receives the characteristics which, on the biological, psychological and Single local women sex woman of god levels, make that person a man or a woman, and thereby largely condition his or her progress towards maturity and insertion into society ".

Christian education aims to promote the realisation of man and woman through the development of all their being, incarnate spirits, and of the gifts of nature and of grace by which they are enriched by God. Those who are vitally involved in such community draw from the sacraments the strength to realise a chaste life, according to their state.

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The theoretical preparation and the experience of parents will help their children to understand the value and specific role of the reality of man and woman. In the commitment to an enlightened education in chastity, "Christian parents, discerning the s of God's call, will devote special attention and care to education in virginity or celibacy as the supreme form of that self giving that constitutes the very meaning of human sexuality " 14 In order to offer correct sex education, appropriate teaching materials can be of assistance.

Jesus Christ has enriched such vocation with the Sacrament of Marriage. Since one of the purposes of sex is to procreatethe use of artificial methods of contraception interferes with God's creative act and is not acceptable.

So that the affective natural bonds which unite parents to children be positive in the highest degree, parents are in pride of place in realising a peaceful sexual balance, and in establishing a relationship of trust and of dialogue with their, children in a manner appropriate to their age and development. Consequently, when they present moral norms, it is necessarythat they show how find their raison d'etre and value.

In greater profundity lies the innate frailty of man and woman, pf consequence of original sin; it can run to the loss of the sense of God and of Skngle and woman, and have its repercussions in the sphere of sexuality.

Single local women sex woman of god

This applies above all sec mixed groups, since these require special precautions. In all these cases the affective life must be gathered and integrated in the human person.

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This is very easily forgotten when excessive weight is given to simple information, at the expense of other dimensions of sex education. Having seen the close links existing between morality and sexuality, it is necessary that the knowledge of moral norms be accompained by ov motivation, so as to bring a sincere personal adherence to maturity.

Single local women sex woman of god

It secures the avoidance of deep, affective decline. Children and young people will thus learn to respect the body itself as a gift from God, member sez Christ and temple of the Holy Spirit; they will learn to resist the evil which surrounds them and to have a vision and clear imagination to seek to express a truly human love with all its spiritual components when they meet people in friendship.

Such diversity, linked to the complementarity of the two sexes, allows thorough response to the de of God according to the vocation to which ssex one is called.

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Only a strict collaboration between the school and the family will be able to guarantee an advantageous exchange of experience between parents and teachers for the good of the pupils. However, the Catholic Church insists that it cannot water down the fundamental truths of the faith simply in order to be popular. This catechesis should bring into relief that the first vocation of the christian is to love, and that the vocation to love is realised in two diverse ways: in marriage, or in a life of celibacy for love of the kingdom.

These methods must have definite qualities, both in the same teachers and in the end to which such education is proposed. These guidelines, therefore, should be adapted by the respective Episcopates to the pastoral necessities of each local Church.

Explanations must not be distorted by reticence or by lack of frankness. Educators and parents are often aware of not being sufficiently prepared to impart adequate sex education.

Single local women sex woman of god

A proper gradual progress of initiatives must be attentive to the stages of physical and psychological growth, which require a more careful preparation and a prolonged period of maturation. Individual sex education always retains prior value and can not be entrusted indiscrimately to just any member of the school community. What does this mean in practice?

Single local women sex woman of god

The stability of marriage and of conjugal love requires as indispensable conditions: chastity and self control, the formation of character and the spirit of sacrifice. In first place is the Eucharist, communion with Christ in the same act as his sacrifice, where effectively the young believer finds the bread of life as viaticum in order to face and overcome the obstacles on his or her earthly pilgrimage. Man and woman constitute two modes of realising, on the part of the human creature, a determined participation in the Divine Being: they are created in the " image and likeness of God " and they fully accomplish such vocation not only as single persons, but also as couples, which are communities of love.

Single local women sex woman of god

This integration has become more difficult because the believer also bears the consequences of sin from the beginning. These sacraments are offered and celebrated in the ecclesial community. The harmonious development of the human person progressively reveals in each of us the image of of God.

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Such a point of view is strictly connected to the values inspired by the concept of life. The wooman should find in society existing expressions and experiences of values which exercise an influence not secondary on the formative process. The mature personality of the teachers, their training and psychological balance strongly influence their pupils. Contraception Contraception is an umbrella term that includes any way to prevent a pregnancy as a result of sexual intercourse.

Paul called the law of sin. A clear vision of the situation is required because the method adopted not only gradually conditions the success of this delicate education, but also conditions cooperation between the various people in responsibility. From frequent and intimate contact with the Lord, everyone, especially loal young, will derive the strength and enthusiasm for a pure life and they will realise their human and christian vocation in peaceful self control and se generous giving to others.

Single local women sex woman of god

Then with the help of education, the feelings are stabilised and at the same time augment the sense of responsibility.