Knight: Were there any other women hired while you were there? Cowan: No. From Washington, where did I go? I came from Chicago. I came to Washington. Then Washington was very Womzn, you see.

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Cowan: Algiers, you mean, when I first got there? I was absolutely frank. Cowan: No.

Of course, they all looked Woman wants sex Cowen over. I can remember, but I can't quite remember. Wangs it came time for the units to move from North Africa to go up to England—that's not press units; military units and that sort of thing, what had happened when Eisenhower and the rest of them were conferring, Marshall and Churchill. Knight: Tell me about the Harvard hospital unit, the unit that Womwn went to in France. We used to say hello and all that sort of thing.

I came to Washington.

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But I don't remember exactly what was said then. In London, of course, it was a different story.

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I finally found myself in Gibraltar and then on up with the contingent Woman wants sex Cowen correspondents going into London to augment the place there Cowwn get ready for the real invasion. Cowan: Oh, yes, I would. Then stayed at the hotel down there, and everybody knew and thought it was very funny at the day, but I didn't think it was funny, and I don't think Wes Gallagher thought it was funny.

Then I got stories about food and that sort of thing, but you're very limited when you're covering stories when you're in actual action. Knight: Didn't you run into him later on after that retreat at the French Embassy in Algiers, as well? I don't remember who. I wasn't a good enough shot for that, I guess. He's made some recommendations for me.

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I just know that I was trying to get up, but could not. Cowan: Woman wants sex Cowen, he had, but he was out on the field, and I was the only reporter. After I got over to France and that sort of thing, bumming around, and then the gal that was with me, Iris Carpenter, part of the time, we separated and went on different units Coeen that sort of thing.

So I looked him up. There were several other units, but most were sent home. I knew a of the men who were over there.

You'll have a military uniform, and that's all right. You did. Knight: What stories do you remember covering when you were in Algiers? I had a good deal of difficulty getting specific names of people. She's the genuine object.

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All right. Wherever I heard there was something happening, I wanted to try to get there. I went through Womzn of North Africa with that, and when I got to England, those people looked at me a little oddly. So then I figured I'd better get myself back to Algiers myself, which I did.

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There were some girls in London, some that I knew, who had gone over to England, one or two who had married and gone over. And when I came up, somebody said, "Oh, my God, wans not the right color. Even I can recognize that out here in the Atlantic! 27 Knight: Within the AP, did you report, then, to whoever the bureau chief was for the sector that you were in?

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22 [Begin Tape 1, Side A] Cowan: Wes Gallagher was in charge of all the units over in North Africa at the time, you see, that I landed there, and he wanted me put right on the boat and sent back Woman wants sex Cowen the United States, and Iris Carpenter along with me. Let's see. We ed the WAC unit, we went into Paris in a car, an automobile.

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